Short jacket and white trousers

Short jacket and white trousers
This fair maid she put on
And like some gallant seaman bold
Went rambliní round the town.
She did engage with one Captain Ross
A sailor for to be
It was to seek her own true love
Across the raging sea

One night while she was drowsing
She was ready for her bed,
The captain heaved a sigh and said
I wish you were a maid
For your cherry cheeks and your ruby lips
They have beguiled me
And Iíve often wished with all my heart
My sweetheart you would be.

Oh hold you r tongue dear captain
Such talk is all in vain
For if your shipmates were to know
They would make sport and game
But when that we do get ashore
Some pretty girls weíll find
To ramble along with us bold lads
If weíre that way inclined

Itís and a few days after
We were docked in Baltimore,
This maid appeared in petticoats
Which made our captain roar
A sailor lad Iíve been on board
But a maid Iím goiní ashore
Youíve missed your chance dear captain,
Adieu forever more.