Nine Times a Night

Jack was a sailor from London come down
He did bide off his ship in old Liverpool town
They asked him his name and he answered them quite –
I belong to a family called nine times a night.

A handsome young widow who still wore her weeds,
Whose husband had left her both money and deeds
Was all that she was in her conjugal right
For to soften her sorrow with nine times a night

She sent for her serving maids and Aunt Emilia
Saying keep a watch out for this wonderful sailor
If ever he happened to chance in their sights
For to bring her fond tidings of nine times a night.

Their watch was rewarded the very next day
Them gigglin’ young girls saw him comin’ their way
Whisked up the stairs full of amorous delight
Saying “Here comes that sailor with his nine times a night”

She's jumped out of bed and she's put on her clothes,
Then straight to the hall door like lightning she goes
Looked him once over and gave him a smack
And the bargain was struck no more sailin’ for Jack.

When the wedding was over the bride tolled the bell
Jack trimmed her sails five times and that pleased her well
Said to herself she was satisfied quite
But she still gave sly hint about nine times a night

Jack said my dear bride you mistook me quite wrong
For I said to that family I did belong
Nine times a night's a bit hard for a man
I couldn't do it m’self but m’ sister she can!!