Local S.C.A.

Tune: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Filk: Morgana Bro Morgonwyg

Arrest these merry gentles, Nay
It would be so unkind
If you’ll but wait a moment sir
We will relieve your mind
We are not escaped lunatics,
So kindly us unbind
For we are your local SCA, SCA
Yes we are your local SCA.

These men aren’t wearing dresses sir
Those are not panty hose
No those are tights and tunics sir
They’re Medieval clothes
And men were really macho then
As everybody knows
So please do not look at us that way, that way
For we are your local SCA.

We recreate past ages sir
And that is all we do
Please give our swords and knives to us
We’d like our axes too
Return us all our weapons sir
The act you will not rue
For we mostly use them for display, display
For we are your local SCA.

We really are not dangerous
Although we like to fight
We do it on a tourney field
You see, so it’s all right
And we wear lots of armor too
Like any noble knight
And use wooden sticks to whale away, whale away
For we are your local SCA.

Oh we pavanne in public sir
The horse bransle do also
Full many a fine feast attend
And to a revel go
And all that night we sing and drink
For free the mead doth flow
Then drive four hundred miles on the next day, next day
For we are your local SCA.

We have a king and prince who do
Our loyalty command
This is Three Rivers Barony
The finest in the land
And we are eon our way to court
But not the one you planned
Oh please let us go upon our way, our way
For we are your local SCA.

Arrest these merry gentles, nay
Discretion you should use
For we are Lords and Ladies all
So how can you refuse?
I say, that is a Lady sir
You should not her abuse
It is not genteel to act this way this way
And lock up your local SCA