Good Clean Wenches

tune: “Good King Wencheslas”
Filk: Damaris de Sheldon, Stergar the Smiling, Richard Fitzalan, Cian Mcdara

Good clean wenches on my lap
Saucy, sweet, and smiling
Hanging on my every word
Looking most beguiling
Pouting lips and rounded hips
Words sweeter than honey
Now they’ve gone, I’m here alone
But where went all my money?

Hither barkeep, stand by me
My tankard has gone empty
Please to fill it up again
And see that I’ve got plenty
The night is young my pipe is full
The women are so sweet here
A pretty lass is what you need
To keep you from the winter’s drear

Bring me food and bring me wine
Served by lovely Molly
Ask her if she’ll with me dine
If not then I’ll take Holly
They both have the charms I seek
Hidden ‘neath their laces
But here’s my wife to drag me home
And tear me from their graces.