Robear du Bois

Come closer to me,
   Come closer to me,
Come closer my love,
   For your eyes I would see.
Oh my dear, when you are near,
There’s not a thing
   That my heart desires,
But you by my side,
   But you by my side.
My life would be dreary and cold
   Without you, my dear.
Please come to my side,
   Let me keep you right here.
Let me hold you, and enfold you,
   Let me take you in my arms.
Let me gaze in your eyes,
   I’m a slave to your charms.
Let me kiss you, so much bliss you
   Bring each day to my life.
Come take my hand,
   And beside you I will always stand.
Here together, now forever,
   ‘til the rocks turn to sand.
So, if my lady you’ll be,
   I will always love thee.
If you’ll come take my hand,
   I will love you eternally.